Little extras

Janis and Barney want your stay at the Flying Catnap by the Sea to be perfect in every way so there are a few “little extras” around to simplify your arrival and your stay.

Let’s start with that “arrival” part. The Catnap is two flights up and folks tend to arrive with a week’s worth of “stuff” to haul up from the car. What could be handier than an elevator to eliminate all those stairs?


Well, how about a small cart to roll all that “stuff” from the car to the elevator and from the elevator to the Catnap’s door?


What? There’s a sudden task from the office? Well, the Catnap has you covered with a small workstation that’s ready to hold your laptop and provide a small work surface anywhere that you feel the view will help you get that pesky job done quickly! Then it’s back to the other side of the window for a bit more sun and sand.


But what if you forgot that all-important cell phone charger? There’s nothing worse than a teenager undergoing cell phone withdrawal so once again, the Catnap has you covered! This time it’s with a small charging station located next to the fridge …


Now, we all know that “it never rains in California” and we’d definitely prefer that it not rain at the Catnap … but sometimes it does. Well, we’ve STILL got you covered … there should be some rain gear in the coat closet next to the entry door, plus some books to read (take one – leave one) and some board games in the bottom of the red cabinet (fair warning: family fun with board games can lead to electronic game withdrawal symptoms in many teenagers!).



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