Ground level

The ground level of each Maritime West building is dedicated to parking and general storage. There are two or three living levels above the ground level in each building. Building C has three living levels with the Catnap on the second one.

Folks arrive from the “Sound side” of the building where there is reserved, covered parking for 2 cars. Both an elevator and a stairway are available for the ascent from the ground level to the second level where the Catnap awaits.


The Ocean side of the building features a wooden walkway across “our dune.” All Pine Knoll Shores property owners love our dunes and ask that folks always use the walkway rather than disturb the sand and trample the beach grasses and vegetation that make the dune an effective defense against the storm surge that can do real damage to Bogue Banks as well as to our own condo.


The Town of Pine Knoll Shores takes beach renourishment very seriously and the part of the dune nearest the Atlantic is protected, and helped to grow, by a series of sand fences (which look an awful lot like the snow fences of yore in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New York). There are more sand fences under the mature dune: they work!


And, of course, once you pass the dune, there is “our beach.” While our beach is shared by the 38 Maritime West condos and the occasional beachcomber walking along, it’s effectively private because most of the Maritime West units are not available for rental and beachcombers are the exception, not the rule.


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