Bathrooms are important when you’re spending a week someplace. There have to be enough. They have to be clean. The plumbing has to work.

The Flying Catnap has two full bathrooms and no, as in zero, half-baths. It’s plenty for a couple or a family of 4 or 5 or for two couples. Six folks works, 7 is the absolute max.

Bathroom number one (no pun intended) is a part of the Master Suite. It’s got a tub-shower combination equipped with a curved shower curtain hanger that keeps the curtain from drifting in on a person trying to get the last of the sunscreen off! It’s brightly lit, clean, and cheerful.


The second, or back, bathroom is located just off the hallway from the entrance door to the Great Room. It’s a bit bigger and features a door wide enough for wheelchair access as well as grab bars near the sink, toilet, and shower.

As with bathroom number one, bathroom number two has a tub-shower combination with curved curtain hanger and its own bright and cheerful decoration.


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