Saturday, June 3: Kayak for the Warriors Grand Finale

The 10th annual Kayak for the Warriors event will reach its conclusion this Saturday, June 3rd.  There are two major activity areas: on the water and on the land. Why is there nothing in the air? We ARE the Flying Catnap! Ah, well, the water event is a 3.2-mile race through Pine Knoll Shores’ canals and … More Saturday, June 3: Kayak for the Warriors Grand Finale

Calling all runners!

Every year, Pine Knoll Shores holds a fundraiser, Kayak for the Warriors™, supporting Hope For The Warriors®. This year, 2017, is this excellent event’s 10th Anniversary! There are a series of individual events that include the kayak and paddle board race  on Saturday, June 3, and a 5k Beach Run/ 1k Fun Run this Saturday, May 27. That’s … More Calling all runners!

Migratory ground

We call Bogue Banks an island but “sandbar” is probably a more accurate term. Bogue Banks is no more than a large collection of sand just slightly off the coast of North Carolina. Sandbars are migratory ground; they move as wind and waves affect them. While that motion may be fine on an undeveloped island like … More Migratory ground

A different view of Kayak for the Warriors

Cool video! <p><a href=”″>Kayak for the Warriors – Pine Knoll Shores</a> from <a href=”″>Chris Losack</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> Chris Losack, a graduate of Swansboro High School who is headed to North Carolina State in August. He uses his drone to take videos of the local area and beaches; he recorded this year’s Kayak for the Warriors … More A different view of Kayak for the Warriors