Saturday, June 3: Kayak for the Warriors Grand Finale

The 10th annual Kayak for the Warriors event will reach its conclusion this Saturday, June 3rd.  There are two major activity areas: on the water and on the land.

Why is there nothing in the air? We ARE the Flying Catnap!

Ah, well, the water event is a 3.2-mile race through Pine Knoll Shores’ canals and Bogue Sound using your kayak or paddle board starting at 10 AM. The $50 registration fee gets you a Warrior T-shirt plus lunch. You can win the “standard” version of the race simply by paddling your kayak (or paddle board) very fast!

There is, however, another way to win: the Warriors Race. The raw time counts BUT each racer gets to subtract one second for each dollar raised. winners in the “standard” race. The suggested sponsor contribution is “at least $100” which would reduce one’s time by 1:40. Wanna win? Get lots of money from sponsors because there is no limit on the number of seconds that you can make go away!

There is a little confusion about timing because one place says “Sponsor dollars accepted up to race time @ Garner Park” while another says “All sponsor dollars must be submitted 24 hours before the race including the electronic cut off submitting on line.” More information is available by email:

Now, let’s say that you don’t have a kayak. Problem solved: loaner kayaks are available. Grab it now, however, as this is on a first-come, first-served basis. It requires online registration followed by and email to:

Garner-ParkThe part of the event that takes place on terra firma (Garner Park) starts at 11:30 AM and runs to 1:00 PM. It includes an awards ceremony for the kayak and paddle board racers followed by a Hot Dog Feast with Linda’s “special Coney Sauce.” Racers get the food as part of the registration fee but everyone else who wants lunch must pay $10 per person up to a maximum of $15 per family.

K4TW t-shirts will be available for purchase at Garner Park and there will be a fantastic raffle as well. You can get tickets from committee members or at the race.

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