The final gift of the Christmas Season

Bogue Banks depends on its beaches. They protect our homes and second homes and are the reason all the “summer folk” come to visit places like the Flying Catnap.

sea-oatsBeaches are, however, “migratory ground.” They are made of sand that moves with wind and water. Thus the people of Pine Knoll Shores work hard to preserve the beaches with a variety of environmentally friendly devices that include installing sand fences and planting sea oats.

Any windbreak helps to collect sand and pine trees, with their many needles and dense branch structure make very nice windbreaks indeed. Importantly, they are “all natural” just as the sea oats are. This makes any Christmas tree that can get to the Town of Pine Knoll Shores for Bogue Banks dune restoration a final gift of the Christmas Season. There are two ways to do this:

  • Drop the tree(s) off in the southwest part of the Iron Steamer Public Beach Access parking lot (345 Salter Path Road) any time through January 13th.
  • Put the tree(s) at the curb Monday, January 9th for the Pine Knoll Shores Public Service Department to pick up. The pickup may not happen any particular day but all trees will be collected by Friday, January 13th (ouch).

x-mas-tree-dropIt’s important that the trees not have any “non-tree” stuff attached. That means that wires holding branches, tinsel, ornaments, and such must be removed.

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