Pirate’s Revenge

A voyage aboard the Pirate ship Revenge was was part of our “test drive of the Catnap with children of all (6, 8, 12, 16) ages” effort back in June. We sailed Revengethe sea, well, Taylor Creek, with pirate Captain Spike, Pirate Kegger, and Pirate Lass Fettuccine (these may not be their real names; the fact that Fettuccine has a cousin named Alfredo seems especially suspicious).

It should be noted that anyone who has an allergy to puns, double entendres, or silliness should probably avoid this voyage. If, however, you can join in the fun, act silly, yell AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG….UUUUHHHHH at the top of your lungs, and laugh while doing it, this ship is for YOU!

One boards the Revenge at 600 Front Street in Beaufort, a whopping 12.1 miles from the Catnap. Parking can be an issue so be prepared for that because it can cause a bit of a delay.Pirate-captain-Spike

There are mysteries to the cruise. How did Captain Spike get his name? How does Fettuccine get along with Alfredo? Why does Pirate Kegger have the treasure? None of these deep philosophical issues were addressed during our voyage.

Let us just say that, while Captain Spike may look, well, a bit strange at times, Pirate Kegger truly manages to look the part from head to toe even when near drowning from being on the wrong side of those water cannons with which the Revenge is so well equipped.


One word of caution: the Revenge is not equipped with rest rooms. Plan ahead so that you have enough time to relax a bit at the Park Service building across the street.

The Pirate Ship Revenge: Catnapper Tested, Catnapper Approved!

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