Kayak for the Warriors(TM) (Part One)

Our town, the Town of Pine Knoll Shores, has a favorite charity, Hope For The Warriors®, and a fine charity it is. It is a civilian organization, a 501(c)(3) charity to help “care for [those] who shall have borne the battle and [their] widow and [their] orphan.”Kayak-for-the-warriors

Hope For The Warriors® roots are very close to Pine Knoll Shores at Camp LeJeune where the Commanding General recognized a problem with men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan being isolated in empty barracks. A Lt. Col. was among them and found the task of navigating the medical and support system so daunting that he approached the general and said, in so many words, “I’m a Lt. Col. and I can’t figure this stuff out, how is a Lance Corporal supposed to do it?”

This led to the very successful Wounded Warrior Barracks at Camp Lejeune.  The idea spread through the Secretary of Defense so that today, both the Marine Corps and the Army have flagged units for wounded servicemen and women.

The growth continued and led to Hope For The Warriors®. It began as a group of all volunteer Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard spouses. They organized events including a simple foot race at Camp Lejeune. Brian Kramer, the Pine Knoll Shores Town Manager and a retired Marine attended that first event.

Kayak for the Warriors™ is Pine Knoll Shores’ annual fundraiser supporting Hope For The Warriors®. This year’s version includes the ninth annual kayak and paddle board race on Saturday, June 4, 2016 as the centerpiece for five events over eight days. Stay tuned to the Flying Catnap for more details.

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