Trivia Bee

Friday, January 22 provides folks along the Crystal Coast with an opportunity for something that’s fun, a little unusual, and for a good cause: the Boys and Girls Club of Coastal Carolina Trivia Bee at the Crystal Coast Civic Center at 3505 Arendell Street in Morehead City.

The 7th Annual Trivia Bee will run from 6-9 PM. The evening includes a BBQ or chicken dinner and cash bar in addition to the trivia and fun.


Everyone is welcome: know-it-all, know-a-little-bit, don’t know nothin’, everyone is welcome to take part in an opportunity to tickle your funny bone and exercise your mind. There will be 30 teams of three individuals going up against each other during a night of fun trivia. The question categories include sports, history, pop culture, arts, science, and the always fun “miscellaneous.”

The contest starts with 6 rounds after which the 6 round winners will square off for a final showdown.

The winner takes the traveling trophy trophy home … until next time!

This event is an excellent way to interact with people you know and people you don’t. The Registration fee is $150 for 3 individuals and $25 for singles.


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