Lunch on Thursday

The North Carolina Maritime Museum “Brown Bag Gam” for this Thursday is entitled “United States Lifesaving Service in North Carolina.” What the heck is a “Gam.” Well, Gam is a friendly conversation between whalers or, more generally, a visit with with those aboard another ship at sea.


This is a great “lunch and learn” event that takes place at the Museum, 315 Front Street, Beaufort, NC, only 11.9 miles from the Catnap. You have to bring your own lunch so pack one before you head over.

Associate Curator Benjamin Wunderly will be telling the story of the United States Lifesaving Service as it unfolds over the years of their service, of the countless lives saved, and the tragic loss of life generated by the many shipwrecks along the North Carolina coast.

The Lifesaving Service has a long and heroic history dating from 1789 when Congress established the services predecessor, a “floating police service” withing the Department of the Treasury. The first efforts to help shipwreck victims dates to 1801 and the first mariner assistance and rescue missions were added in 1837.


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about a heroic, and non-warfare part of history. It’s a great deal: free admission; no advance registration; walk-ins welcome!

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