Another Thing To Like

The Pine Knoll Shores town staff did something really nice on Wednesday.

Instead of the traditional Christmas potluck luncheon to celebrate Christmas together. This year, Sarah Williams (our Assistant Town Clerk) suggested that rather than the town employees feeding themselves, they might feed others who are in in need this Christmas season. Julie and Sarah Williams (Town Clerk) organized a great Christmas dinner for those staying in the Crystal Coast Hospice House plus their visiting friends and family.

Town employees donated all the ingredients. They then organized into teams that chopped, mixed, baked, and stirred to make a meal of Speedy Sausage and Mushroom Pasta, Chicken and Zucchini Alfredo, tossed salad, garlic knots, and mock Tiramisu.

PKS-staff-preparing-Christmas-foodThey then delivered the food to the Crystal Coast Hospice House on Wednesday afternoon as dinner for the approximately 20 people who are there this holiday season.



This is the kind of thing that makes us proud that the Flying Catnap by the Sea is located in beautiful Pine Knoll Shores, NC

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