Sold out

One of the things we hope for, given that we bought the Flying Catnap as an investment and rental property rather than a second home, is to have lots and lots of our friends, new and old, take advantage of the place. The key to cash flow is, as one might guess, the spring-summer-fall months when swimming in the Atlantic is part of the beach vacation joy.

We have been “almost there” for many weeks with just one key week still available. Now that week, the first full week in September, has been taken as well as this calendar screenshot shows quite nicely (red is the chief Catnappers actually using the place for fun for two weeks this year … with grandbabies and some of our closest friends enjoying the late summer with us).

sold-outMany thanks to all our friends who are joining us for fun times at the beach this year! The Flying Catnap would not be possible without you and we truly appreciate your friendship as well as hour business.

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