The new home of the Flying Catnap Blog

The Flying Catnap by the Sea Facebook page (almost) daily updates will now become a part of this new Flying Catnap website. Our goal is to do an even better job of letting our friends know what’s going on at any given time through timely Blog posts while putting “always” material in easily found, static locations.

What will “timely Blog posts” consist of? Well, certainly they will include the events taking place in and around the Catnap’s Southern Outer Banks location. The Beacon’s Reach “pig pickin” certainly qualifies and do the Emerald Isle 5k and the annual Kayak for the Warriors event. We’ll have lots to cover in our Blog about the goings-on in and around Pine Knoll Shores.

So what’s this “always” material? Well, all the more or less unchanging information about what to do and where to visit as part of your North Carolina beach vacation! It will include very local attractions such as the Country Club of the Crystal Coast and Fort Macon. We’ll cover local things like the wild horses on Shackleford Banks and the great restaurants in Beaufort. We’ll even get to things a bit further away that still fit nicely into the kind of relaxed schedule that the Catnap enables as a “by the week” vacation rental.

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